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from the author of goScreen


This is a remake of a classic game by Marta and Adrian Soncodi, created in 1986 for MS-DOS. I like it a lot. Unfortunately, that game does not work on modern Windows OS. I could not find a decent remake, so I have created it myself. This one is 64 bits application, UNICODE, high DPI aware, and what not. That is, it is built to last. I hope.

In case you have never heard of PENTIX, this is how it works. A random sequence of blocks fall down the playing field. The objective is to manipulate these blocks rotating them and moving them left or right to fill a row, leaving no gaps. Once such row is formed, it disappears. The game stops when there no room left for the next block.

System requirements and Installation

The game requires Microsoft Windows 7 or newer. Both 64 and 32 bits versions of the game are available.

Click here to download 64 bits version (version 1.0.64, zip archive 65K), or here for 32 bits one (version 1.0.32, zip archive 59K). Installation is not required. The archive contains a single file - pentix.exe. Just run it. The results are stored in pentix.res file next to pentix.exe. So, the file directory should not be write protected.


I do not know how original PENTIX generates a sequence of blocks. I simply use a random number generator. Probably, original game does the same.

I did not measure original PENTIX speeds. So, my version feels different. While original version at speed 9 feels pretty comfortable (for experienced players like myself), my version is faster. Probably, speed 8 corresponds to speed 9 of the old version. At speed 9 it is very fast. I do not know if it is humanly possible to play at this speed. I keep trying.

I have added option to randomize block's color and initial rotation. This makes it more fun. When playing, one has to decide what to do next within a fraction of a second. Random colors and rotations make the decision more difficult. Your brain has to work faster.

I do not know how to count "points", so I count full lines only.