Virtual Desktop Manager for Microsoft® Windows

What do people say about goScreen.

It's one of my absolutely essential tools. I'm completely lost on work computers when I haven't been able to install it.

Of all the utilities I have used in my 30 years of PC consulting and programming, this is probably the most helpful and the one that has been with me for years.

It's a great piece of programming, both fun and useful, and I can't imagine working without it.
David Hadley

The product is something that I cannot get through the day without using. I have never had any issue and the product has been rock solid on many platforms I have upgraded from since starting to use the tool: XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
Scott Brown

As someone who works in the web development field, my job spawns a lot of necessary programs that involve coding and designing web sites and web applications. Shifting from one application to another is quite a hassle. Seeing my programs cramped and shuffled in my task bar makes my working habits a mess. A big thanks to GoScreen Virtual Desktop Manager for providing me a new way of sorting and uncluttering my desktop and for increasing my productivity at work.
Elizabeth, WebHostingSearch.com

I have used several good desktop managers for Linux and Windows in the past, but goScreen beats them all in terms of functionality and configurability. It also appears to be just about the only one that supports the use of multiple monitors; and what's the point of having more than one monitor if you cannot efficiently distribute your windows across the monitors in the most useful way at any given moment? Finally, the support offered by Andrei is extremely fast and helpful.
Anthony Jameson

Developer + GoScreen = Smooth Work Experience.
Can't work without it! Been a customer for 12 years now! No matter what Linux Develops or Microsoft does to finally catch up with the times, goScreen has already had it, done it and came up with even better! Buying goScreen is like buying a life long companion with a single license purchase! You can't beat that! When I think of how much continued development followed my purchase 12 years ago, I realize I have gotten way more than my money's worth.
Cory Cullers

I have been a regular user of goScreen now for several years and love it! Can't live without is more like it! I have experimented with other desktop managers from time to time and nothing comes even close to the ease of use, flexibility, and overall stability of your product. I?m forced to use a single monitor and your software has made my desktop development environment not only tolerable but dramatically more productive.
James Harrington

I've been using goScreen for 5 years it is a truly excellent piece of work, I consider it an essential part of my toolset. It has survived the various generations of operating systems and windows environments and is always one of the first things I install when I upgrade my PC. Without a doubt its the best value piece of software I've ever purchased.
Eoin Cosgrave

... you have done so many little things RIGHT in goScreen. I'm really impressed by the attention to detail.
Tim Roberts

Everything I wanted and more is clearly, simply and easily implemented. Thanks for making such a perfect, even better than I can get on Linux, desktop manager.
Ryan Forrister

I have downloaded and tried at least a dozen different virtual screen managers for Windows XP. Nothing comes close to the usability and features of goScreen.
Chuck Morton

It's a great piece of work. I use it all day long and I've used it for several years. Over that time I've swapped out computers a couple of times and used several different Microsoft operating systems. GoScreen has always been rock solid, never crashes, and really enhances my productivity.
Charles Spurgeon

goScreen is an absolutely teriffic program... I work on several projects at any given time and it was so hard to stay organized. goScreen runs like champ and has never crashed on me yet!
Raymond Powell

I tested about 20 other "virtual desktop" programs -- so far, goscreen is the fastest, most efficient, and nicest.
Alex Hess

It is extremely useful, clever and well-thought, plus I have been using it for a year now without a single crash.
Barbara Gross

GoScreen seems very quick and stable - certainly the first implementation I'm willing to spend a few bucks on.
Christopher Wren

The tool runs stable and the features are fantastic.
Tobias Blaettler

GoScreen is an excellent program, and I rely on it every day. Haven't found a bug yet, which is amazing.
Craig Riecke

I love it. Without questions, it is the most important and time saving utility running on my box.
Craig Lapiana

I really enjoy your program. I have tried other desktop managers for windows, and this is the fastest, most bug-free one I have found yet.
Raam Dev

This is an excellent program - it is the only desktop manager for Windows that I have ever found that works all the time, is stable, and simple to use.
Bhadresh Modi

GoScreen is a great product. It works the way a good program should work: I'm using it all the time but most of the time I don't realize it's there.
Juergen Baierle

I love this paging program! Simple but powerful. I also run X11 on Linux and yours is the only pager for Windows that works as well without being a pig.
Dale Cox

... one of the finest and most useful pieces of software I have ever used. I dont ever want to go on w/out it ever again!
Ian Peckman

Thanks for writing a great piece of software. Coming from the UNIX world, desktop managers are the norm and you expect solid performance. I was disappointed in the other tools I used for Windows until I came across your program. It is small and simple and powerful. Just the right combination.
Ali Niknejad

I keep recommending goScreen to everyone I meet with a Windows PC. The most useful utility I have.. and the most bug-free.
Victor Zlotnicki

It is wonderful to use; very simple, compact, nice interface, and does the job I wanted (gives me a lot of virtual desktops). Never in my life have I ever registered a shareware/trial product, but I use it every day and when the trial period ended I thought, "hey, I really like this thing, I'm gonna register it." Keep up the good work!
Jonathan Peart

Well done! You've made my developement life so much better. I can't thank you enough for creating goScreen.
Gregory Babineau

I shared your product with all my friends and co-workers - and they shared it with others!... You ROCK!!! You've developed an amazing program and everyone here loves it!!!
Michael Singer

GoScreen has proven a very important tool for me as it allows me to keep my applications organized while eliminating clutter on my taskbar and desktop. At the same time it has a limited impact on my system resources, which is always an important factor. Of all the virtual desktop tools one could use, this is the cleanest and simplest that I have come across.
Neil j. White

One of the best pieces of software and it makes my life so much easier...
Carol Simcock

goScreen is a really excellent tool and I am recommending it to my friends... Perfect, really.
Martin Camenisch

...Not that I've looked at them all but you have the best virtual desktop manager compared the ones I've seen. The others have all these other bells and whistles and yours is appropriately balanced; just nice and simple, and fast.
Michael McCreary

Its great to have at least one Windows program that does not crash at all! Great work!
Akshay Kadam

goScreen is really an excellent piece of software.
David K. Hess

It is one of the few public domain programs that I have appreciated enough to register... You have a very robust tool and a small exe size. Very cool!
Gordon Vickers

I love your program, it's really beautiful and nicely designed. Seems very intelligently done.
Hugh Mann

Thanks for goScreen, it is really great! As a frequent unix user, I was always looking for virtual desktops for NT. I could hardly believe (since I am a computer scientist myself) that "It never crashes". But - it is true!
Lukas Theiler

... your implementation of virtual desktops is best available on Win32 platform, period.

Thanks for a great product. I've tried many window managers with NT/95 and been disappointed. goScreen is the only one out there providing the kind of features you get with many Unix OS products... It has made moving from that environment to NT seamless.
Robert Heyer

I can't think of any instance where a crash or other problem can be traced to goScreen. It helps me very much, since I regularly keep about 20 windows open.
Anders Blom

Yours is the only application that I find totally satisfactory in every way. This is a truly remarkable product.
Steve Cooper

I've looked through many products that do the same thing. None of them does it with such straightforward functionality and elegance.
Henri Blåfield

... thank you for this wonderful program. It has made life much easier for me since I got it.
Vibol Hou

Wonderful program. I have tested many virtual desktops for Windows 95. Yours is the best.
Charles E.

Having recently moved from Unix CDE to a PC I figured I needed something like this. I tried out about twenty programs that all did similar things. Some just plain didn't work, some worked really slow, and the rest took up large swathes of screen real estate. Kudos for producing something that does it's job well without drowning in feature bloat.
Chris S.

Very nice. Simple w/o all the bells and whistles I've seen in other places. A really simple and nifty product. Worth every penny I spent.
Matthew P.

I grabbed a license to GoScreen. It's great. I thought I was lost when I moved from Sun's virtual desktop to NT.
Eric A.

It is a terrific little program. Thanks for all the hard work you've put into it....
Thanks again for providing such a great program at such a great price.
Michael K.

I find your multi-page monitor (a fitting name) invaluable. I have had up to 12 applications running simultaneously over the full 1 month trial period and not had one crash or error message which is linked to goScreen. goScreen puts all "desktop managers" to shame. ...it stands out from the rest and performs efficiently in all aspects of its features. ...brilliant utility.
Chris T.

Thanks for putting your effort in GoScreen. I've tried many, but none of these offered me either the stability or the switching speed I expected from such a 'basic' utility. Especially misbehaving programs seem to bother the others a lot. Yours looks simply in charge, just like I want to see it!
Martin van Es

The excellent aspect with GoScreen is, that it is not overloaded with lots of specials. Just to be a smart tool to have lots of desktops.
Juergen H.

GoScreen is one of the best utility I ever used. I've found this program extremely useful...
Gyula Rupnik, Software Developer

I just wanted to congratulate you on the finest shareware I have ever used. I can't tell you how long I have been looking for something that would let me have virtual desktops. This program not only works, but it has all of the features that I would have tried to include in it if I had written it myself.
Chris Monson, Programmer

... your software is very nice. I've used similar programs in the past but they all had major problems. Nice work...
Chris Floersch, Software Developer

Simple, effective, elegant, bulletproof - goScreen effortlessly and efficiently does everything it promises. It's very well thought-out and executed. Great work, Andrei.
Bill Cawley, Lotus Notes Engineer

I don't end up buying much software, but goScreen is one of the best things I have come across in a while.
Brian Bowman